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  • Kim Engelen

    Kim Engelen

    Kim Engelen has lived and worked as a contemporary artist in six countries. Her artworks are held in private collections in Europe, the US, and China.

  • Rip Parker

    Rip Parker

    Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics

  • Joshua Blas

    Joshua Blas

    Designer, Artist, and NFT enthusiast.

  • Yulgan Lira

    Yulgan Lira

  • Hilde Decrem

    Hilde Decrem

    White whales won’t waste waves

  • stashxyz


    Digital Abstract Artist | |

  • Mina Marx

    Mina Marx

    Self improvement expert

  • Yaniv Noema

    Yaniv Noema

    I’m a computer vision 💻👁️engineer who likes to write about artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing, and Python🐍

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