Collé (french) — Glued
Collé (italian) — Hill
Col (catalan) — Cabbage
Col (catalan) — Neck

Collé is the root of ‘collage’

In 1912 George Braque walked past a wallpaper store in Avignon and spots some wallpaper with a printed woodgrain effect. He immediately goes in and buys a roll…

An introduction to the ‘Stations’ series

“Here are we, one magical moment
Such is the stuff, from where dreams are woven
Bending sound, dredging the ocean
Lost in my circle
Here am I, flashing no color
Tall in this room overlooking the ocean
Here are we, one magical movement
From Kether to Malkuth
There are, you drive like a demon
From station to station”…

Michael aka @Labelsonhumans is a self taught artist. His creative focus has migrated from furniture design to find a home making digital abstracts.

James aka @AltJamesA is a Fine Artist turned designer, turned digital artist. He’s exhibited in France and UK with work in physical collections around the world

A bit of background
I trained as a Fine Artist (Painter) at Camberwell School of Art in London in the late 80s. I left art school and joined the design world (graphic and branding) — using computers to make images. I first created a digital image in about 1987 at St…


Artist, designer, typographer, curator. Digitally-native paintings. Ex Camberwell School of Art. UK/France. $ETH $SOL. Probably ngmi.

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