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Michael aka @Labelsonhumans is a self taught artist. His creative focus has migrated from furniture design to find a home making digital abstracts.

James aka @AltJamesA is a Fine Artist turned designer, turned digital artist. He’s exhibited in France and UK with work in physical collections around the world

James and Michael met on Twitter both at the start of their forays into the world of cryptoart

altjames So how did you get into crypto art?

LabelsOnHumans Digital art always felt like an ‘add-on’ at exhibitions, fairs and galleries whose primary focus was on something other than what I…

I started selling NFTs on Crypto on 14 February 2021…

(Read the first article here).

A month is a long time in crypto — more like 6–9 months in real life. In this time, my first project has gone live and gained some traction (see it here) and I’ve sold out of stock again and again.

It’s a series of digital paintings based on a ‘fil rouge’ of a cross on a template. 100 unique 1of1s, all the same size and produced in the (nearly) the same way.

No 58.

It sometimes seems like an onerous task to make 100 but a…

A bit of background
I trained as a Fine Artist (Painter) at Camberwell School of Art in London in the late 80s. I left art school and joined the design world (graphic and branding) — using computers to make images. I first created a digital image in about 1987 at St Martins School of Art on one of their Mac Plusses in the library (System 5 and MacPaint!). I used Illustrator v1 and Photoshop v1 in 1988 my first job in a London ‘big 4’ Management Consultancy. In the 90s I discovered the web and helped set up one the UK’s…


Crypto Artist. Fine Artist. Verified on Opensea. Design consultant and brand strategy.

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